Appealing Ealing: Walpole Picture Theatre

Appealing Ealing: Walpole Picture Theatre

Excitement is brewing as the long-awaited Ealing Picturehouse has confirmed that they WILL be opening in 2023 (we are as yet unsure of exactly when.)

As a part of the complex, the architects have incorporated the above beautiful arch (I was trying to take the photo on a sunny day but these clouds are fairly persistent.) Its intricate design fascinated me so I thought I’d look into its history and pass on my findings.

The arch was originally part of a building designed by architect Alfred Burr, which stood in Bond Street (W5) and was opened on 23 December 1908 as Walpole Hall Roller Skating Rink. The building was then converted to The Walpole Picture Theatre by architect J Stanley Beard and opened as a cinema 29th July 1912. the conversion included the erection of this fabulously ornate facade.

The cinema had a capacity of 1,600 and was fairly basic inside. It operated as an Independent Theatre until 1936 when taken over by Odeon until it closure in October 1972 when it become a carpet stall and then a rehearsal venue for rock groups. It was finally demolished in 1981.

But the developers did save the tiled front and it was re-erected against the side wall of the building in Mattock Lane.

Anyway… now you know