In Good Company: Emily Barman

Emily Barman moved to Ealing from Oxfordshire in the wake of the pandemic and set out to meet the locals...

In Good Company: Emily Barman

At what stage in your life did you first move to Ealing?
I moved to Ealing in my early 30s after going through a break up of a long term relationship during COVID, so I wanted to find somewhere to make a fresh start. I was living in Oxfordshire previously, and after a bit of research, Ealing seemed like the perfect location for green space, buzzing restaurants & bars, and a quick connect into Central London on the Elizabeth line. I moved down in August 2021 and loved it so much I decided I wanted to put down roots here so am so excited to have finally managed to buy a flat in Hanwell in the last few months.

If you were telling someone about Ealing who had never visited, how would you describe it?
Buzzing with energy! I’ve got a huge, long list of restaurants and bars I’ve been recommended that I’m working my way through, plus there’s loads of sports clubs and gyms (I’m a member of Ealing Eagles Running Club and GymBox). There’s also loads of lovely green spaces and parks which are packed full of festivals and events each summer. What more could you want on your doorsteps?!

Do you have a favourite Ealing watering hole?
I love The DoDo MicroPub in Hanwell. It’s such a friendly and welcoming vibe. They even let you buy Fish & Chips from The Golden Chip (said to be the best Fish & Chip shop in London!) from across the road and bring it back in to eat with your craft beer.

Where have you had your best Ealing meal?
Tapinos in South Ealing 👌 Authentic, reasonable priced, traditional Spanish tapas in a beautiful little restaurant with cosy décor. Would really recommend the Croquetas!

Is there a part of Ealing that you find particularly inspirational or where you find peace?
I love going for a run in nature on Sunday mornings – my favourite routes are through Gunnersbury Park, Bunny Park or Grand Union Canal.

Tell us what you're up to & what's next for you.
When I moved to Ealing I didn’t know anyone, so wanted to get to know people in the local area. It’s hard to make new friends as an adult, especially in London! So I decided to set up a meet up group to get to know the Ealing area, try out the restaurants & bars on my list, and meet new people. It started off with just 12-15 people coming down but now it gets around 80 – 120 people each time! It’s been great to meet other locals who also want to explore Ealing and I’ve made loads of new friends and connections now as an adult! I host the social meet ups around every 6 weeks so if you fancy popping in to say hello and meet other Ealing locals, follow “Getting To Know Ealing Social” online to find out about the next upcoming events. Follow us on Instagram here.