How to have a great Ealing BBQ

OK, this might be an entirely optimistic post with the way the weather's looking at the moment but it's got to cheer up at some point (right?) So we're soldiering on with this post in spite of ourselves...

How to have a great Ealing BBQ

🔥Get your meat from Hook & Cleaver in Pitshanger or South Ealing. We can personally highly recommend the lamb kebab which are succulent and perfectly seasoned. Yum.

🔥 Go to Ealing Grocer on St Mary's Road to get some absolutely wonderful fresh vegetables to make up your side salads.

🔥 For some spectacular halloumi head to Harrisons W5 who have a fantastic cheese selection from all over the world

🔥 Try out Polly Eats London's BBQ sauce which we have featured in our Summer issue on page 32 (link in bio)

🔥 Or if you can't be bothered to do any of that, head to the Duke of Kent and let them do it for you!