How to Take Care of your Sunflowers

The beautiful sunflower, which has so wonderfully bejewelled the pages of the first issue of Ealing Living Magazine, is the perfect symbol of Summer.

How to Take Care of your Sunflowers

Bright and bold, they represent adoration, loyalty and longevity and are known as happy flowers. Aysha Tahir and Katy Marshall, founders of Greenka, share a few expert tips on how best to grow these magnificent plants:

"Sunflowers can grow up to 2 meters tall and fair best in full sunlight. Their large, yellow flowers grow up to 25cm in diameter. They are a type of daisy that's annual and grows from seeds and will bloom in the Summer, flowering for up to two weeks.


  • Plant their seeds from April - May
  • Sunflowers need well draining soil. A peat-free multipurpose soil with some perlite is ideal
  • At least six hours of sunlight is recommended for strong growth
  • Water regularly to avoid soil drying out until they are ready to plant out at the end of May
  • Don't be stingy on organic matter when planting them and use bamboo cane or similar to help them grow."