In Good Company: Zoe Angle

In Good Company: Zoe Angle
photo by Andrew Meredith

Zoe Angle is a designer, maker and restorer of stained glass. After founding Angle Glass in 2009, Zoe has built up her company, working with homeowners, architects, interior designers and churches, as well as window and door companies.

When working with homeowners, Zoe enjoys leading them through the commissioning process, with the aim of producing a stunning piece that has personal significance.

Zoe’s studio is based in the West London Art Factory by Park Royal station.

At what stage in your life did you first move to Ealing?
Although I was brought up in Chiswick, I hopped over the border into Acton when I got my first flat with my partner in 1996. We had no furniture, so I got the back seat out of my 2CV and put it in the living room. I remember spraying the large mantlepiece silver. The flat even had a studio for me to work in downstairs. We’ve lived in the borough ever since.

If you were telling someone about Ealing who had never visited, how would you describe it? 
Ealing is very green, with plenty of parks. It has a vibrant cultural scene with galleries, cinemas, festivals, craft markets and BEAT (Borough of Ealing Art Trail) of course. Ealing has a long connection with the film and television industry and there are still a lot of creatives living and working in the area.

Do you have a favourite Ealing watering hole? 
Well, a typical evening might start off with impromptu drinks with work colleagues at ‘The Sorry Bar’ at the studios, then we might move on to the North Star and then end the evening in Crispin’s Wine Bar.

Where have you had your best Ealing meal?
RodFai, Thai Street Food in Acton. Rodfai means “train” in Thai. The food is so fresh and tasty and there’s always a friendly welcome. The menu represents all regions of Thailand so there’s always something different to try. Be aware the kitchen doesn’t open late so I would go early. I would highly recommend it.

Do you have a favourite Ealing independent store?
Whenever I’m in Ealing shopping or meeting up with friends I go to Farm W5. The quality of the ingredients says it all, they are mostly organic. Even its just for coffee or a smoothie from the juice bar. My favourite though are the salads, they are delicious and served in huge bowls. You come out happy, well fed and feeling that it’s done you good.

Is there a part of Ealing that you find particularly inspirational or where you find peace?
It has to be Gunnersbury Park. I know every inch of this park. I’ve been coming since I was a child. I remember rowing boats on the lake and eating pink Funny Feet ice creams. As an adult I’ve spent many hours here. When my son was little, we would take him there as he demanded to be outside for most of the day. It also became an important place to us as a family in lockdown, as we would go for a daily walk there. So, it’s been a very meaningful place to me for many years.

Andrew Meredith

Tell us what you're up to & what's next for you.
At work I’m restoring three stained glass panels which have come from a large house in Fulham that’s being renovated. The panels are bowed and falling apart. I’ll replace the cracked glass with new glass. I’ll then replace the old lead with new lead. Once I’ve given them a really good scrub they will be returned to their former glory.

I’m also currently designing a panel for an ‘Inspired by William Morris’ exhibition put on by The British Society of Master Glass painters. I’m finding the research fascinating. Morris has so many connections with the area as he lived in Kelmscott House in Hammersmith Mall.

I’ve just visited The Red House in Bexleyheath, which was the only house Morris
commissioned, created and lived in. The exhibition will initially be held online in June and then if my panel is selected, it will be exhibited at the International Glass Festival in Stourbridge in August 2024.

Andrew Meredith