Interview with Local Author, Lucineh Danielian

Interview with Local Author, Lucineh Danielian

We are delighted to introduce Lucineh Danielian, an inspiring author and proud resident of Ealing. With Armenian heritage and dual French and British nationality, Lucineh was born and raised in London.

In her recent anthology, "Lost Souls," Lucineh explores the intricate lives of six women facing profound challenges. Her ability to live vicariously through her characters brings authenticity to each story. With a deep interest in literature, languages, and culture, Lucineh aims to inspire her readers through her evocative narratives.

In our interview, Lucineh discusses the inspiration behind her compelling characters, the key messages she hopes readers will take away from her stories, and how her personal experiences and background have shaped her writing process.

The six women in your anthology face very different yet deeply impactful challenges. What inspired you to create these particular characters and their stories, and how did you ensure each character's journey was authentic and compelling?

I have always been fascinated by human behaviour and my objective in creating this anthology was to ensure the realism of each character and story through a complex interconnection between emotion and behaviour. As a reader, I love to delve into stories where I am able to interact with and almost embody the characters I am faced with. The analysis of human behaviour is what motivates me most as a writer, and I believe that this is where authenticity lies. We live in a society full of challenges. The past decade has certainly been proof of this. I aim to speak out on themes which are often sadly overlooked, and in order to do so in Lost Souls, it was necessary for me to focus on every main character's journey, offering readers the opportunity to accompany each one at every turn.

Moreover, this collection of short stories focuses on female characters aged seventeen to thirty-five, the aim being to ensure that these young women's respective struggles are carefully identified and acknowledged by readers. In a desperate search for identity, the choices these 'lost souls' make may not always be comprehended or indeed grasped fully by readers, but these female characters are all faced with a decision nevertheless, making the stories all the more authentic and compelling.

Your book tackles issues like neglect, hidden truths, honour-based traditions, career struggles, alcoholism, and life-changing decisions. What key messages or themes do you hope readers take away from these interconnected stories?

The themes that I have written about have been chosen with intent and were intricately studied beforehand. I strongly believe that a meaningful story will impact readers one way or another and ignite or trigger different emotions. I have chosen to speak the 'unsaid' truth and have done so by striving to give each character a voice, all the while encouraging readers to reflect on the power of their own voice. All of the above issues are a reality which we may at one time or another be led to face or witness. I hope that readers will reflect upon these issues and find a connection to one or more of the stories.

If I had one key message to share with readers, I would encourage them to speak out. This very same 'unsaid' truth is what may lead to self-destruction. My characters are not always able to speak their truth, one which could potentially lead to salvation. Yet would this always be the case? This will be for readers to judge.

You mentioned that writing has always been a strong passion of yours and that you live vicariously through your characters. Could you share more about your writing process and how your personal experiences and background influenced the creation of this anthology?

I have been writing ever since I can remember. I still recall the first story which I produced, left unfinished of course. I was fifteen at the time. I never realised at that age that writing would go on to play such a significant role in my life and shape my identity. I have been writing for years and encountered writer's block at different stages of my life. Most recently, I discovered the power of short stories and the comfort I found in the idea of being able to live through more than one main character in order to create this anthology. Yet my goal was to find meaningful connections, and as readers dive into Lost Souls, they will see why.

As an Armenian growing up in the UK, raising awareness of my heritage and the Armenian Genocide was key in shaping my writing process. I have often found myself writing short reflections and these will always connect back to my origins. This is where I also discovered my uniqueness as a writer. Through the art of writing, I embraced my culture and heritage. I found my voice, a voice which I had long been searching for.

As an educator, I have been privileged in working with many young people who have also influenced my creativity, both within my profession and my writing career. It is the younger generation that gives us the hope we are searching for in this turbulent and challenging era.

More than anything, I am looking to leave a trace, a legacy one might say. I have always been fascinated by past geniuses who have walked this Earth, the same Earth that I am walking now. Furthermore, the dedication to my grandmother has been such an important step in leaving this legacy, as she was such a great part of my life and in so many ways, she always will be.

Sometimes, one must take a chance. In the wise words of Victor Hugo, 'There is nothing like a dream to create the future.'

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