Introducing Koa: Innovating Sleep Solutions from Ealing

Introducing Koa: Innovating Sleep Solutions from Ealing

Koa, an inventive bedding brand based in Ealing and founded by Luke Gray and Ben King, is excited to launch their latest creation: a unique folding pillow that regains its bounce and achieves unmatched cleanliness with every wash. The Koa Pillow has been designed to clean ten times more effectively than a standard pillow, addressing the common problems of flat, lumpy, discoloured, and odour-harbouring pillows, which lead to poor sleep.

With its patent-pending design, the Koa Pillow offers adjustability, allowing sleepers to customise their perfect pillow height by adding or removing panels. This groundbreaking product is the second innovation from the designers at Koa, who are already known for their record-breaking easy-fit duvet cover.

In an exclusive Q&A, Luke and Ben share insights into how their Ealing roots have influenced their design process and business growth, the inspiration behind the Koa Pillow, and their hopes for how it will transform sleep hygiene.

Koa is proudly based in Ealing, and it's wonderful to see such innovative products coming from our local community. How has being based in Ealing influenced your design process and business growth?

We've been living in and around Ealing for the past 11 years, and West London even longer, and there are many things we love about this area. The green spaces have provided reflection and inspiration when trying to overcome challenges. Coffee shops like Electric Coffee and Momentum in Hanwell offer a relaxed yet productive workspace, and the community has been an invaluable soundboard. Local people have become so important to us, especially recently as we welcomed a baby. Local friends and getting to know parents nearby have been a tremendous support.

All my work is about designing for people and understanding their problems. The Koa Pillow was hugely inspired by the conversations we've had with other new parents about sleep and the lack of it. I have many Ealing friends to thank who not only shared their pillow frustrations but also became our first customers when we launched. Their support and feedback have been instrumental in our journey.

The Koa Pillow is a groundbreaking product with its washable and adjustable features. Could you tell us more about the inspiration behind this design and the key challenges you faced during its development?

The Koa Pillow is a unique pillow that can change heights to suit every sleeper, and it's engineered to be completely machine washable, ensuring it always bounces back fresh—just like you will after the best sleep of your life.

When we set out to create the perfect pillow, we identified two major problems with existing pillows: finding the right support and height, and the hidden issue of hygiene. While we often change the pillowcase, we rarely wash the pillow itself, leading to a buildup of allergens and dirt.

Our goal was to design an adjustable and washable pillow that addressed both of these issues. The Koa Pillow's unique folding design enables an unparalleled deep clean, allowing detergent to penetrate all the fibres and washing the pillow 10 times more effectively than a normal pillow. Once we had tested and proven this unique feature, we faced the challenge of finding the perfect filling. We discovered that most washable pillows are only tested to withstand two or three washes. We wanted our pillow to be truly washable, so we set a rigorous benchmark of enduring at least 50 washes.

After extensive research and testing, we developed our premium fill from loose, clustered ball fibres, which provide luxurious, down-like support and breathability. This bounce-back fill dries quickly and rejuvenates its supportive structure with each machine wash, ensuring comfort and support night after night.

With the Koa Pillow launching in April, what impact do you hope this product will have on the way people perceive and prioritise their sleep hygiene, and how do you see this aligning with the needs of Ealing residents?

I believe we should treat our sleep as carefully as we treat our diet and exercise. However, getting good sleep can be hard, and it’s often the little things that have a significant impact on how well we rest.

The Koa Pillow focuses on solving major frustrations while also paying attention to all the details to bring you the best sleep.

It’s a pillow where the height and support can be easily adjusted. It is truly washable, making it easy to refresh and remove any allergens, stains, and grime. Plus, the unique filling bounces back and re-fluffs with every wash.

Thanks to our local community of testers, I can confirm Ealing residents love it! My favourite review so far was short and sweet: "After one night's sleep, neck pain gone."

The Koa Pillow is available to purchase from We’d like to thank the community for all your support with a 10% discount code. Use Ealingfriends10 at checkout to get a 10% discount on your purchase.