Pitzhanger Manor: Idris Khan & Annie Morris: When Loss Makes Melodies

Pitzhanger Manor: Idris Khan & Annie Morris: When Loss Makes Melodies

Today Pitzhanger Manor opens its new exhibition, Idris Khan & Annie Morris: When Loss Makes Melodies.

What I love about visiting new exhibitions at Pitzhanger Manor is seeing how cleverly they work with the manor house itself; integrating the sculptures and paintings into the rooms so that they look as if the room was designed specifically with the art in mind. The new exhibition by Idris Khan and Annie Morris is characteristically beautifully curated by international curator Maya Binkin.

The exhibit encapsulates a diverse range of art forms from sculpture and photography to painting and embroidery. Morris’ arresting Stack sculptures stand as a vivid testament to personal loss and the resilience of the human spirit, each irregularly shaped sphere bursting with colour. Khan’s works, such as My Mother (2015), delve into the intricacies of cultural memory and personal history through abstract forms.

Annie Morris’ Stack exhibition, which is predominantly displayed in the main gallery, are precarious towers of colourful balls carved from foam, plaster, sand and raw pigment. They are designed to resemble a three-dimensional artist’s palate and were inspired by her strength following her own personal struggles, focusing on the hopefulness and vibrancy of life.

Morris’ husband Idris Khan OBE is known for his multi-layered photographs, paintings and sculptures that take on a variety of source material, ranging from musical scores to theological texts.

Imbued with themes of emotion, time, and memory, the exhibition engages in a poignant dialogue with the Manor’s neo-classical architecture, designed by Sir John Soane.

The exhibition will be on display until 7th January 2024.

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