Pitzhanger Manor - Summer Exhibitions Review

Pitzhanger Manor - Summer Exhibitions Review

We are so lucky in Ealing to have so many amazing things on our doorstep, and one such attraction is the beautiful Pitzhanger Manor which, this summer, is hosting no less than three amazing exhibitions (for which you need only buy one ticket!)

I was lucky enough to be given a tour at the Manor the other day and absolutely loved each, very different exhibition.

🗿Anthony Caro: The Inspiration of Architecture
📅 Wednesday – Sunday until 10 September 2023

The first, in the largest hall was the Anthony Caro exhibition. The main piece, 'Child's Tower Room' stands tall in the centre of the room, and is climbable (although probably better if you’re a child - I didn’t get far in before I became slightly wedged.) The full exhibition comprises 16 key works created between 1983–2013 which each explore space and its relation to the human figure with passages, doors and steps in the form of sculpture.

🎨Artists at Home: Erin O'Keefe
📅 Wednesday – Sunday until 1 October 2023

Secondly, is the fabulously vibrant Erin O’Keefe exhibition - a bold dialogue between painting, photography, and her unique architectural perspective. Her work sometimes fits perfectly into Soanes’s designs and is sometimes beautifully juxtaposed against the classical architecture; but either way, the bright, lurid colours are a welcome addition to the house.

📷 Magnum Photos: Where Ideas Are Born
📅 Wednesday – Sunday until 29 October 2023

And thirdly is a beautifully curated exhibition of photography depicting artists at the time of inspiration. Each snap promises a unique glimpse into their creative world. Some super recognisable faces include Frida Kahlo, Dalí, Lichtenstein's Tracy Emin and Picasso, each in a moment of creativity.

Especially good on a rainy day (how many more of those are we going to have?!), all three stand on their own but to have all three under one roof is quite a fabulous achievement. Would highly recommend.