Syon Park: History Mystery Review

Syon Park: History Mystery Review

Yesterday, we visited the beautiful Syon Park who are hosting a number of fantastic children's activities over the Summer holidays. Our visit focused on running around in the gardens and participating in the History Mystery tour of the house.

Syon Park has been the London home of the Dukes of Northumberland, the Percy family, for over 400 years. It's one of the last great houses of London; steeped in history with many royal connections and sweeping gardens designed by Capability Brown.

Carla, our house tour guide did a fantastic job of capturing the imagination of the children (whilst fielding 7,456 questions) with a 30 minute tour focusing on the little details that one might not catch on a solo tour. For example, doors that lead nowhere but are purely a design feature; bookcases that aren't really bookcases; urns that were given out as wedding favours and photos of the Percy family and our late Queen.

The kids' activity book that can be bought for only £1 after the tour has a touch of the Horrible Histories about it, which makes it a winner for my kids (especially when paired with an Oreo cake at the cafe afterwards.)

To be honest, whilst the tour was designed for children I found it just as compelling as they did - it's a really beautiful house and I look forward to visiting again this summer. Their other activities can be found below.