Capelli Belli Pamper Party

Capelli Belli Pamper Party

This time last week, we were gearing up for a very special occasion - my daughter’s 9th birthday! As a pre-teen, she’s started to show an interest in a bit of preening, which, as a bit of a girly girl myself, I’m not too unhappy to entertain.

My daughter has been having her hair cut at children’s salon Capelli Belli on Pitshanger Lane since just before her 2nd birthday. It’s fantastic in there, with brightly coloured cars in which the children sit to have their locks trimmed and several tablets with an array of DVDs to keep them distracted.

A month or so ago, I was talking to Dora (the wonderfully kind proprietor of Capelli Belli), and the idea of a birthday party in the shop’s underused basement floor started to form. As part of Dora’s arsenal, she’s a fabulous nail tech, and we discussed the idea of a Pamper Party for the birthday girl and a few of her friends.

And what a triumph! Alongside nail-painting, the party’s schedule included specially formulated children’s face masks and eye cucumbers; colourful hair extensions and face gems. We decorated the room with balloons and a photo corner, and provided copious amounts of Haribo, Wotsits, and a Taylor Swift soundtrack.

The Capelli Belli team was completely wonderful - kind, understanding (of the noise!), and flexible when it came to the whims of a group of 9-year-old girls. The girls themselves had the best time and were super proud of this very grown-up party and their nails, which they could then show off during half term. It was a truly wonderful occasion, and I’d highly recommend Dora and her fabulous team for parties if you too have a child who may be keen on a bit of pampering to take them into their next year.

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