A Palatial Tribute: Exploring the White House of North Ealing

A Palatial Tribute: Exploring the White House of North Ealing

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the White House on Park View Road in North Ealing, an architectural marvel I had heard so much about. The experience was nothing short of fascinating. The grandeur of the neo-Palladian villa, with its rows of Corinthian columns and magnificent frescoed ceiling, instantly captivated me. This luxurious residence, with its Versailles-inspired design, stands as a testament to the life and vision of its creator, the late John Zylinski.

Stepping into the villa, I was immediately struck by the opulence and meticulous attention to detail. The interior is adorned with endless gilded cornicing, ornate parquetry, and metres of Parisian-style panelling. The solid marble staircase, complete with gilded balustrades, is a focal point that epitomises the elegance of the house. Each room seemed to tell a story of dedication and craftsmanship, from the grand reception room and dining area to the lavish main suite and expansive library.

The story behind the White House is as compelling as its architecture. Built by Zylinski, a Lewisham-born Polish prince and property developer, this home is a replica of his family's palace in Gozdowo, Poland. The original palace was destroyed during World War II, a loss that deeply affected Zylinski’s grandmother, who survived the Ravensbrück concentration camp and eventually fled to London. Fulfilling a childhood promise to his grandmother, Zylinski spent eight years reconstructing this magnificent homage to his family's heritage, completing it in 2009.

As someone who is half Polish and whose mother’s family also came to London from Poland after World War II, I found the personal history intertwined with the White House particularly moving. The attention to detail in every element of this glorious house is a testament to Zylinski’s personal pride and effort in honoring his family's legacy.

The exterior of the White House is equally impressive. The stucco-fronted façade, with its colonnaded porch and classical statues, exudes a stately presence amidst the suburban surroundings of Ealing. The full-width terrace on the top floor offers a serene view over the circular front lawn, which is flanked by leylandii cypress trees, providing a sense of seclusion despite the house’s prominent location.

One of the most striking features of the property is "The Arch," a grand entrance that houses four self-contained apartments and an office. This structure, along with the marble and gold interiors, reflects the opulence and classical style that Zylinski envisioned. The ballroom in the south arch and the additional reception spaces in the north arch underscore the grandeur of this estate.

As I walked through the rooms, I couldn’t help but admire the blend of marble, gold cornicing, and crystal chandeliers. The luxurious ambiance is heightened by the fact that this house has served as a backdrop for numerous prestigious photoshoots featuring celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Keira Knightley and in music videos including for Britney Spears and Gary Barlow. It's no surprise that Time Magazine recognised the White House as one of London’s most beautiful buildings.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the White House holds significant historical and emotional value. Zylinski’s dedication to preserving his family’s legacy is evident in every corner of the house, from the intricately designed interiors to the statue of the Golden Horseman, which commemorates his father’s bravery during World War II.

My visit to the White House in North Ealing was an unforgettable journey through luxury, history, and personal dedication. It stands not only as a masterpiece of architectural and interior design but also as a poignant tribute to a family's enduring legacy. This unique property, currently for sale with Oaktree Limited for £4,200,000, offers a rare opportunity to own a piece of living history.

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