A Purrrfect Afternoon at the Cat Cafe

A Purrrfect Afternoon at the Cat Cafe

Looking for an Easter Holiday treat that’s both relaxing and fun? Look no further! My kiddos and I recently embarked on a delightful adventure to Java Whiskers in Westfield... a blissful escape into feline paradise.

The cafe is essentially a serene atmosphere where tranquility reigns supreme. With about 20 furry friends roaming around, the key is to be as calm and peaceful as possible to not startle the cats. My son went on a quest to find the feistiest feline playmate; while my daughter cozied up with her favourite, the lovely Lady, for most of our two-hour slot.

As for me, I savoured every sip of freshly brewed coffee, with a contented kitty by my side, while the kids indulged in giant chocolate chip cookies.

Java Whiskers isn’t just any cat café. It’s the only one in Europe with a Kitten Lounge. Although my kids were fairly distraught that they couldn’t enter (due to the age restriction), it’s an extra incentive for us to plan another visit in the future.

Beyond offering a haven for cat lovers, Java Whiskers is deeply committed to the well-being of both its furry residents and human guests. They serve as a temporary foster home, ensuring these precious kitties find loving forever homes. All the cats are up for adoption! So, if you happen to fall head over heels for one (or two!), you might just leave with a new furry family member.