Beyond the Lizzie Line: Young V&A

Beyond the Lizzie Line: Young V&A

Over the weekend, we went to visit the ALL NEW Young V&A in Bethnal Green (not to be a TFL bore but this is where the Elizabeth Line comes into its own! 40 minutes door to door! Happy days.)

The museum has recently been reopened after a £13million revamp. Prior to its rebirth, it was the V&A Museum of Childhood which was never that great. Back then, it was mainly static cases of old dolls houses and wooden horses - more creepy than fun, really.

But the new and improved museum is quite the opposite. It is buzzy, fun and energetic with a large number of interactive exhibits and vast areas to play and create.

Its entire schtick is to stimulate creativity, curiosity and ingenuity - my kids buzzed from one room to another; pressing buttons, shining torches, listening to explanations… The museum housed a broomstick from the Harry Potter franchise; the War Horse from the stage adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s book; a set of Spice Girls Barbies, a room whose perspective changes depending on where you are standing; an entire village of beautifully designed dolls’ houses and a giant drawing pad.

There was, in fact, so much to capture their attention, that we forgot to go to the designated ‘PLAY’ space (we’ll save that for next time.)

Highly recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐