How to Create Perfect Beach Waves

One of the most flattering and versatile hairstyles for the Summer is loose, tousled beach waves.

How to Create Perfect Beach Waves

Nadia Gaur at Blo Bar Ealing gives us her top tips on how to create the look...

We want to make sure our clients' hair maintains its healthy appearance long after their appointments so we will always prep the hair by using a heat protector. Our favourite is PLI (Techni Art) from L’Oréal which is activated by the heat.

We will also ensure that the hair is hydrated by using an enriching serum such as Mythic Oil from L’Oréal, and Olaplex 6 which conditions and strengthens.

At the salon we tend to use GHD Curlers or Cloud Nine Straighteners to create the curl, depending on the desired look. Curlers make a neater curl, whereas flat irons are a better choice if you want a messy, effortless look.

Section out the hair and start to curl the hair in sections of about 1 inch. Alternate the direction that you're curling the hair around the iron so that it's a much more casual effect.

Finish with L’Oréal Professional Hairspray Infinium Pure or ABC (authentic beauty concept) Working Hairspray and shake it out. Softly brush it through or scrunch and leave it for a tighter finish.

Heat Wave

If you're looking for a tool that might be able to help you to create your waves, there are countless types out there that give different curls; from tightly defined ringlets to loose waves. Here are three top picks that'll give you a similar look with different levels of effort. And remember, if you're using heated products, use a heat protectant spray!

  1. Mermade Pro Mini Hair Waver, £69
  2. Wylera Cordless Hair Curler, £109
  3. Kitsch Heatless Curling Set, £11.90