In Good Company: Kate Hiscox

Ealing local and writer of award-winning Wears My Money discusses her favourite local haunts.

In Good Company: Kate Hiscox

At what stage in your life did you first move to Ealing?

I first lived in Ealing in my 20s, in a tiny flat behind the broadway shopping centre. I moved back, this time to a house in Hanwell when I was pregnant with my first son, so that was nearly 19 years ago. We haven’t moved since, and I’m not sure we ever will as we love the area and have lots of friends here.

If you were telling someone about Ealing who had never visited, how would you describe it?

Leafy, green, full of restaurants. Far enough away from central London that you feel a bit suburban, but so easy to get into town.

Do you have a favourite Ealing watering hole?

For pubs, I tend to stay local to me, so there’s the Fox in Hanwell next to the canal which is just the perfect summer pub and a great stop off after a dog walk. The Red Lion in Ealing does good food and the Grosvenor is where my husband goes after every trip Sainsbury’s. It’s the only reason he offers to go to the supermarket. Also, not officially a watering hole, but special mention has to go to the Electric Coffee Company for THE best coffee around.

Where have you had your best Ealing meal?

It has to be Santa Maria. Definitely lives up to its claim as ‘London's Best Pizza’. They also make London's best meatballs. I also love Butchie's Chicken, the juiciest, but also crispiest chicken strips money can buy! For authentic Tapas we head to Tapelia on Northfields Avenue.

Is there a part of Ealing that you find particularly inspirational or where you find peace?

There’s a place in Hanwell, on the other side of the canal called Warren Farm. It’s petitioning to become an official Nature reserve. It was once a sports ground but now is home to Skylarks, Kestrel’s, Owls and more. It’s where I feel I can actually breathe and it was a lifesaver during the pandemic.

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