Local Authors' Showcase

Discover the Vibrant Literary Scene at the Ealing Book Festival Showcase

Local Authors' Showcase

On April 12th, the Ealing Book Festival will illuminate the local literary landscape by bringing together 18 of Ealing's most talented authors in a special showcase event. Hosted by literature champion and Capital Xtra’s DJ Jojo Silva (@radiojojo_), this event promises to be a dynamic fusion of creativity and community spirit. From established writers to emerging talents, each author will pitch their work in a lively, high-energy setting, offering something for every reader to enjoy. Following the event, attendees will have the opportunity to purchase the showcased books, ensuring that the literary magic continues beyond the stage. Secure your ticket now and show your support for Ealing's finest literary voices! #InspiringStoriesInspiringPeople

About Ealing Book Festival

The Ealing Book Festival is dedicated to celebrating the joy of reading and fostering engagement and education around literature and reading. Our events aim to unite people and communities, inspire writers of all ages, showcase renowned authors while championing local talent, and cultivate a love for books among audiences.

Meet the Authors

  1. Caroline Lamond - Dive into the intriguing world of "Well Behaved Women," inspired by the life of Alla Nazimova.
  2. Samia Rida - Experience the gripping true story behind "Kidnap" and explore the children's book "Nessie and Me."
  3. Chris Smith - Embark on a Texas adventure with "Three Wives and The Truth," a delightful Country and Western novel.
  4. Lesley Beck - Discover the poetic journey captured in "He and I: Journey From Neverland."
  5. Kathleen Birch - Explore "Ageless Skin" and unlock the secrets of optimal skincare.
  6. Daphne Gloag (read by James Priestman) - Immerse yourself in the poetry collection "How Long is Not Long."
  7. Sibel Roller - Unveil the haunting memoir "The Rooster" and delve into a tale of survival and discovery.
  8. Toby Lloyd - Explore identity and tradition in the compelling narrative of "Fervor."
  9. Lucy Noguera - Join the adventure of "Swop: The Satsuma Sized Secret," a delightful children's book.
  10. Robert Seatter - Navigate the complexities of modern relationships in "My Lover is Houdini My Lover as Houdini."
  11. Emma Hughes - Laugh and ponder with "It’s Complicated," a romantic comedy questioning conventional notions of parenthood.
  12. Mark Eccleston - Solve a thrilling mystery in "The Trust" as Astrid Swift unravels the secrets of a stately home.
  13. Zoe Antoniades - Embark on mischievous adventures with "Cally and Jim, Twins in Trouble."
  14. Mike Langridge - Revisit the world of Thomas Hardy in "The Second Mrs Clare," a captivating tale set after "Tess of the d’Urbervilles."
  15. Joy James - Celebrate innovation with "Marvellous Black Inventors," inspiring children with tales of creativity and achievement.
  16. Alice Fowler - Reflect on life's pivotal moments in "The Truth Has Arms and Legs," a collection of insightful short stories.
  17. SC Lourie - Embrace the transformative power of resilience in "The Power of Mess."
  18. Richard Hamilton - Embark on a journey through history and culture with "Tangier: From the Romans to the Rolling Stones."

Mark your calendars for this unforgettable literary extravaganza and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of stories waiting to be discovered.