The Autumn Issue

We're BACK!

The Autumn Issue

We are so pleased to present the Autumn Issue of Ealing Living Magazine. The Magazine is back with a second issue filled with more fabulous advice, local info, brand spotlights and recommendations from experts all over Ealing.

Since we launched back in May, we’ve been thrilled to see our online community going from strength to strength and pleased to hear the positive feedback from all who value the platform as a brand or as a client or customer of a brand.

And what a great few months it’s been! Ealing holds so many fantastic festivals - Greenford, Acton, Hanwell, Pitshanger… there have been summer celebrations throughout the borough. And that doesn’t even include the brilliant itinerary in Walpole Park. In spite of the fact that the weather has been a bit of a bummer, Ealing sure knows how to party!

IN THIS ISSUE: We have an Ayurvedic special in which experts give us their advice from a lifestyle, food and beauty perspective; tonnes of fashion advice including local top tips from Riana Horner; an interview with The Queen’s favourite weatherman, Tomasz Shafernaker; conversations with candlemaker Candalin and artist Neil Lamaire as well as a spotlight on upcoming Art Trail BEAT and a chat with winner of Young Ealing Foundation’s Entrepreneur Award, Chanelle McPherson-Bradshaw.