The Chamber Music Collective Concert

The Chamber Music Collective Concert

This weekend, nestled in the heart of Ealing, away from the hustle and bustle of central London, The Chamber Music Collective will give the first of the season's concerts. This esteemed group, comprising soloists and members from top UK orchestras, brings unparalleled performances to the serene ambiance of Ealing Green Church.

Renowned for its impeccable acoustics, this venue sets the stage for an hour of soul-stirring music and serene contemplation, offering a perfect escape from the chaos of screens and schedules.

On Saturday, 11th May at 3pm, the Chamber Music Collective invites you on a journey through musical masterpieces. The programme begins with Mozart's emotive Sonata for violin and piano K 304, evoking Parisian inspiration tinged with melancholy. Next, immerse yourself in Fauré’s mesmerising Piano trio op. 120, premiered on 12th May 1923 to honour the composer’s 78th birthday. Finally, Brahms takes centre stage with his Sonata for cello and piano op. 38, paying homage to his 7th May birth. Prepare to be entranced by Brahms's poignant melodies and profound emotion!

What sets this concert apart is its inclusive atmosphere. Children are not only welcomed but embraced, invited to partake in the magical dialogue of chamber music. It's a perfect opportunity for young enthusiasts who may miss out on evening concerts due to bedtime constraints.

So, join them for an afternoon of musical marvels, birthday jubilations, and a sprinkle of Parisian allure at Ealing Green Church. Let the Chamber Music Collective transport you to a realm of auditory delight, where every note resonates with brilliance and passion.

Key Details:

  • Date & Time: Saturday, 11th May at 3pm
  • Location: Ealing Green Church
  • Programme:
    • Mozart: Sonata for violin and piano K 304
    • Fauré: Piano trio op. 120
    • Brahms: Sonata for cello and piano op. 38

Don't miss this opportunity to experience classical music at its finest. Reserve your seats now and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of chamber music!

Listen to The Chamber Music Collective below: