Wishmas: A Fantastical Christmas Adventure

Wishmas: A Fantastical Christmas Adventure

Last night we had the absolute privilege of attending the press night of Wishmas in The Old Bauble Factory, Waterloo.

Wishmas is the newest creative production from Secret Cinema, who has built a reputation on creating trailblazing storytelling through spectacular, cinematic extravaganzas. Wishmas is an interactive, immersive experience during which the ‘audience’ is asked to save Wishmas through a series of fun, colourful and joyful activities.

A lot of the Wishmas experience is very much a secret (hence the absence of a festive reel) and in order not to ruin it for anyone we’ll leave it to the company’s Creative Director Elgiva Field to describe the process:
“It all begins with the festive spirit, wherever that burns bright, an Old Bauble Factory emerges, a signal that Wishmas is near. Hidden in its depths is a portal that leads to the enchanted realm of Wishmas. Looking after wishes is a complex operation and it starts with a Sorting Office. You arrive at this secret dispatch - where robins arrive with the world’s wishes, stored safely in their red bauble breasts - and the Wishkeeper attendant readies those baubles for safe transportation to Wishmas. You’ll board a specially chartered conveyance that will whisk you and the wishes on your journey to Wishmas. We are filling the space with fun and festive experiential installations that bring the world of Wishmas to life. Audiences will flow from one space to the next, each room a playful contrast to the previous one, all inventively inspired by the Christmas canon. Discover where your wishes go and why robins are so important to Christmas!”

The children had such a special time - the seasonal magic washing over them from the moment we arrived. The actors were delightful and energetic and the take-home (a wish-filled bauble) was very happily made and received.

My kids are 6 & 8 and the younger was particularly drawn in by the experience - excitedly and repeatedly asking me “is this real?” It was honestly a night I would recommend to everyone with kids and I’m pretty certain it will become an annual tradition. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️